Why Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is the sculpture of the living

(Greek plastike = art of moulding).

There are 2 main aspects:

Reconstructive- aims to restore a body part back to near normal

Aesthetic- aims to “surpass the normal”.

A Plastic Surgeon therefore needs to marry their broad surgical expertise with a very well developed aesthetic sense. Naturally the training required is long and arduous, but the final results always speak for themselves. Fundamental to such results is the ability to discern exactly what the patient is seeking, and whether that result can predictably be delivered. There are often many options, each with their pros and cons, requiring a detailed explanation.

I achieve this at consultation through hand-sketches, computer morphing and illustrative patient before-after pictures, until we both see the same ideal end-result and agree on a definite plan. Once this is documented, I get to work on the practicalities. When the issue is complex or needs real finesse, then there is no substitute for a full consultation in person.

Please therefore feel free to ask questions on this website, or better still come for a face-to-face consultation at any of 2 Private Hospitals:

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