Facelift in Lancashire

Despite the recent popularity of Botox, Fillers and Thread-lifts, a well-executed Facelift remains the gold standard against which all other facial rejuvenation procedures are judged. This is because a good facelift is designed to tighten the internal scaffolding (called SMAS- Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) beneath the skin first, and only then remove any extra or overhanging skin. Internal tightening has stood the test of time as it relieves the skin of excessive and unnatural pull, creating a far more lasting and natural result as opposed to merely hitching the skin up.

The tell tale signs of aging always extend from the face into the neck, and I perform the internal lift harmoniously across both areas as a package. Liposuction is often required in the neck and again is part of the package. There is no extra charge for including the neck or lower face even if your primary concern was only 1 of these 2 areas, as I believe it is not possible to restore youth to the lower face without simultaneously working on the neck. Scars are discreetly hidden along natural lines or behind the hair.

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Before and After Face Lift

face lift in Preston, Lancashire

Before and After Lower Face and Neck Lift Alone.

facelift and neck lift in Preston 1
facelift and neck lift preston 2

Before and After Lower Face and Neck Lift with some neck Liposuction

facelift, necklift Preston pic 3
facelift, neck lift preston pic 4

Before and After Lower Face and Neck Lift with extensive neck Liposuction

facelift neck lift liposuction
facelift neck lift liposuction preston

Although a facelift restores youthfulness in a manner quite unmatched by other less-invasive methods, each of the non-surgical or lesser-surgical options can also have a place in the correction of specific areas of the face. Adjuncts such as Botox, Fillers and fat grafts when carefully chosen, can enhance the overall results from a facelift very significantly, or may be used by themselves. The brows or eyelids may need separate procedures in their own right. An explanation of what each modality can achieve with its strengths and drawbacks, and matching these to your expectations, finances and available time off work is thus vital. I achieve this by an unhurried face-to-face consultation aided with drawings, photographs and a mirror. A combination of procedures best suited to turn the clock back for your individual face is then mutually chosen.