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Eyelid Lift in Lancashire

It is said our eyes are windows to the soul. A large part of the beauty of the eyes lies in the eyelids- specifically the quality of the skin of the eyelids. Tight, crisp skin conveys youth and freshness; conversely droopy eyelids, dark shadows, folds, pleats, bags, or any skin-excess immediately imparts a tired, aged or haggard expression. When excess skin in the upper eyelid falls as a curtain over the lashes, they feel heavy, vision can be obstructed, and one has to constantly lift up or even tape the brows just to see properly.

It is important to correctly separate the contributions from any brow-descent, lid-droop (ptosis), hollows (tear-troughs) and real eyelid skin-excess (bags) to the overall appearance. Once all the issues have been carefully analysed and understood at consultation, an operation to lift the upper lids (Upper Blepharoplasty), lower lids (Lower Blepharoplasty) or all 4 eyelids simultaneously (4 lid Bleph.) as appropriate can be offered.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Lifting the upper lids by removal of true excess skin and sometimes underlying excess muscle/fat is a relatively straightforward procedure usually performed as day-surgery under awake local anaesthesia. However this is delicate surgery and there are a few pitfalls. Sometimes what appears to be excess upper eyelid skin is really more due to the brows sagging below their bony rims. In that case a brow (forehead) lift, by itself or in combination, may be the correct operation rather than removing too much skin from the upper eyelids.

Before and After Upper Eyelid lift with improvement in vision

(Patient desired lower eyelids to be left alone)

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Lower Blepharoplasty

In contrast to the mobile upper lid, the lower lid mainly has a supportive or hammock function, and as we age the support structures weaken. Attempting to tighten the lower eyelids by removing baggy skin alone is very likely to cause the lash margin to sag down. This can be prevented by hitching up the outer corner of the lid (where it meets the upper lid) to the bone, thereby restoring the hammock or sling effect of the lower lid (Canthopexy), and I do this in every case. In addition, one often has to redistribute fat to take care of hollows and bulges. All of these manoeuvres are incorporated in the surgical package plan, and in some cases adjuncts such as botox/fillers may refine the result.

This operation is therefore longer and much more involved, is better performed under a full or general anaesthetic, and the bruising/staining takes slightly longer to settle.

Before and After Lifting all 4 Eyelids (4 lid Bleph)

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Existing eye problems or dryness can be affected by eyelid surgery, and if these exist, the help of an Ophthalmology colleague can be invaluable.