Breast Implants with AA Plastic Surgery

Breast implants are a common way of enhancing the youthfulness of breasts. They all have an outer shell of Silicone and I use gel implants from the 2 most reputable companies Mentor and Allergan. Very occasionally I will use adjustable implants from the same companies for gross breast asymmetry, and these have an injectable sterile saline compartment in addition to the usual gel. These companies give their implants a lifetime warranty, meaning thereby that they will replace them (implants only, they will not pay for the entire operation) free of charge at any time should this be necessary due to factors outside the patient’s control.

Breast implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every possible frame, the main variables to consider being:

breast enlargement in bolton


This is determined by the dimensions of your existing breast footprint and capacity of your breast skin envelope, and therefore involves precise geometric planning using a system that has been proven to work well. You will have the opportunity to see, feel and try on a range of real implants, and I will outline the ‘Rice Test’ to be performed in the privacy of your home. I will then order 3 different implant sizes in pairs (1 pair slightly bigger and another pair slightly smaller than the ideal size we agree upon) so that the best possible choice can be made on the operating table. Size is certainly influenced by your aesthetic aim and desire towards a certain volume, but importantly no one can guarantee a particular cup size.


Round when more upper pole prominence is desired, suited more in younger ladies.
Tear-drop (anatomic), which is closer to the natural shape of a more mature lady.
How much the implant projects forward from the body can also be varied slightly.


In some round implants it is possible to choose between the firmness or softness of the gel.


In relation to the breast gland and underlying pectoral muscle, breast implants can be placed:
Just beneath the gland- when enough of it exists to hide the implant edges. This expands and lifts the lower half of the breast well.
Beneath the muscle- essential when the ribs are showing through. This reduces long-term pressure effects on the breast, but can be prone to distortion from contracting muscle.

Dual-plane (bit of both)

maximises the gains from both the above techniques by placing only the upper half of the implant below the muscle.

Breast Enlargement with AA Plastic Surgery – Before and After Results

breast enlargement bolton
breast enlargement preston
breast enlargement bolton
breast enlargement lancashire

My opinion of which breast enlargement technique suits you best can only be achieved after a full consultation and examination. If the breasts are spaced wide apart such that a natural cleavage does not exist, then this cannot be guaranteed either. Breast-feeding is not affected by breast implants and most women need 2 weeks off work after a breast enlargement surgery.

Whatever your reasons for seeking breast enlargement may be, it is vital to gather adequate information prior to allowing a foreign body inside your own. Good balanced sources of information that I encourage my patients to go through, or provide booklets/leaflets from, are:

BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons) patient information page at BAPRAS

BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) information page at BAAPS

Most women are delighted with the results, but they must be aware of the possible complications, implications for mammography and long-term need to replace the implants eventually if needed. It is also very helpful to talk to a friend or confidante who has had the procedure successfully. For Breast Enlargement in Preston contact us at AA Plastic Surgery.